integrity + prosperity

The Teong Hock Story

The Teong Hock story began more than 85 years ago in Yong Chung village in the province of Fujian, China.

In Yong Chung village Chan Ren Hao was starting a small trading company.  He believed that the future prosperity of his family was dependent not only on monetary gain but also on fostering a spirit of wellbeing in the surrounding community.

With this goal in mind he named his business Teong Hock (Integrity and Prosperity).  He could not have known that the same ideals he was building his life and business around would continue to serve his descendants into a new millenium.

In 1936 Chan Ren Hao foresaw difficult times ahead for China and decided to seek out new opportunities in what was then known as Malaya. Chan Ren Hao and his family finally settled in the port city of Klang. Chan Ren Hao and his son Chan Thian Leong proceeded to rebuild the Teong Hock business trading in coffee.

The company prospered until the Japanese occupation of Malaya. During the period of occupation Teong Hock and the Chan family suffered enormously as their business ideals prevented them from dealing with the Japanese.

After the war, in an atmosphere of renewed freedom and hope, the Chan family put the horror of the previous years behind them and once again Teong Hock prospered, now under the sole guidance of a young Chan Thian Leong.

Over the decades that followed, Chan Thian Long in turn imparted to his own son, Daniel, the principles of tolerance and care that had, even in adversity, so well served their family.

As time passed the Chan family came to recognise that Australian society would welcome and be enhanced by the ideals espoused by the founder of Teong Hock. In 1982 Chan Thian Leong sent his son, Daniel Chan, to study in Australia. Daniel fell in love with Australia and proceeded to build a life here culminating in his gaining Australian citizenship in 1996.